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Birbal Prasad



System analysis and biomarker discovery for brain cancer


Dr Xinzhong Li, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

I was born (in 1994) and grew up in Ranchi (India), I received a Bachelor and Master of Science in 2016 from Indian Institute of Science Education And Research (IISER) Pune, India in 2016. My primary interest is in development and application of statistical and bioinformatic methods to analyze real life problems with a special emphasis on biology and medicine. During my master studies, I have had the opportunity to work on multidisciplinary projects at Cancer Research Institute, Queen's University (Canada), Indian Statistical Institute (Delhi, India) and Shell Technology Centre (Bangalore, India). These experiences have shaped my future interdisciplinary scientific career.

The objective of this ESR is to develop and apply novel system analysis and AI approaches to discover biomarkers for brain cancer. Public domains have already deposited huge amount of Functional Genomics and Proteomic Data including high-throughput functional genomics experiments (microarray data and NGS data), such as ArrayExpress, GEO and cancer specific databases, e.g. TCGA, TCPA). These provide the research community fruitful resources to explore and reanalysis for new knowledge discovery and validation. ESR-10 will conduct system analysis to investigate and discovery the most appropriate biomarkers for brain cancer diagnosis. Machine learning approach will be employed for biomarker discovery.

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