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Web-based lessons on clinical research topics


MTA is a Contract Research Organization (CRO). As an independent organization, MTA supports the identification and development processes of promising therapeutic approaches proposed by research institutes, universities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies offering an objective assessment of new medical strategies in the clinical setting.

MTA is kind to provide this unique training opportunity Web based lessons on clinical research topics. All ESRs and AiPBAND consortium participants will have access to the on-line lessons on clinical research available at the MTA e-learning platform. In addition, ESRs can attend any MTA training and/or continuous education event included in the yearly company training plan. This includes the required course for the acquisition of ICH-GCP certification.

MTA e-learning information

MTA e-learning platform


Dr. Raffaella Vergura, PhD

Project Manager

Medical Trials Analysis 
Via Ariosto 28, 44121 Ferrara, Italy
Tel. +39 0532 241595    Fax. +39 0532 203237

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