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Haris Babačić



Brain cancer biomarker discovery by in-depth plasma proteome analysis


Prof Janne Lehtio, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Haris Babačić obtained his Medical Doctor degree in 2015, at University Ss Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, Macedonia, as top of his class. He was awarded an Eraweb scholarship by the European Commision, for pursuing a Master of Science in Epidemiology degree at Ludwig Maximilian's University of Munich, which he obtained in 2017. The same year, he was awarded a Young Physician Leaders fellowship by the Interacademy Panel for Health. In the meanwhile, Haris worked at the Friedrich-Baur Institute in Munich on clinical epidemiology of myotonic dystrophies and Pompe's disease. His interest are rare neurological diseases, with research focus on diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic development.

Currently, he is a PhD student in the Lab of Prof. Janne Lehtiö, under supervision of Assist. Prof. Maria Pernemalm, at the Science for Life Laboratory, Karolinska institutet. The primary objective of his ESR project is to identify new protein-based blood biomarker candidates for brain cancer and validate them as diagnostic and predictive biomarkers. The secondary aim is to gain basic knowledge on plasma proteome and exchange of proteins between plasma, CSF and brain tissues. Together with the team at Lehtiö Lab, he will use global quantitative proteome profiling using the HiRIEF LC-MS/MS method, combining high resolution mass spectrometry and isobaric labelling for quantification between glioma tumour patients and healthy controls. This will be followed by univariate and multivariate analyses to select best discriminators between brain cancer, non-cancer as well as protein discriminators of stage, clinical, and genetic features.

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