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ESR Personal Update - Aira Ong

"Innovation is change that unlocks new value. " - Jamie Notter

Earlier this month, Aira Patrice Ong participated in the University of Plymouth Faculty of Business Doctoral Conference (UPFoBDC) 2019 held on the 10th–11th June 2019. The Business Doctoral Conference is an annual event organised by the Faculty of Business that showcases the diversity of research in business and social sciences currently being undertaken by postgraduate students from Plymouth and other universities.

Being in the early stages of her PhD studies, Aira has presented her research proposal entitled “Business Model Innovation - Addressing the Full Value Circle for Technology Development in Brain Cancer Diagnosis and Healthcare.” The aim of her research is to create a new business model design framework for viability in brain cancer diagnosis and healthcare.

During the awarding ceremony of the UPFoBDC 2019, Aira received the award for Best Research Proposal and Best Presentation.

Dr James Benhin, Director of FoB PhD Programmes, with Aira Ong during the award ceremony at the UPFoBDC 2019.

Aira Ong with her poster presentation.

“It has been an amazing opportunity for me to be able to communicate my research with a broader audience even in just the first few months of my postgraduate studies. Aside from the awards I’ve received, I’m grateful to receive valuable feedback and insights from experts and colleagues regarding my research. Being the ESR in Business Model Development, I was able to showcase the AiPBAND Project during the UPFoBDC 2019 - raising awareness and letting people know about who we are and what we do. Finally, this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my supervisors Shaofeng, Genhua and Xinzhong. This endeavor is dedicated to all of the AiPBAND team.”

Aira Ong, ESR-13 at University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
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