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Network Training Event NT-4 Workshop on Brain Cancer Study

The second Network Training Event, NT-4 ‘Workshop on Brain Cancer Study’ successfully took place at Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, hosted by Maria Giulia Rizzo and colleagues during 24th-28th September 2018.

Eleven of the fourteen recruited Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) were able to join us in person, with two out of three remaining ESRs who have been appointed, but unable to attend in person joining the workshop via videos. Supervisors or co-supervisors from all the beneficiaries were able to attend over the course of the week, along with Dr. Yongji Tian from Beijing TianTan Hospital, one of our partner Institutes and a number of guest speakers.

The event was also open to and well attended by post-doctoral students and researchers outside of the AiPBAND Project, to increase the outreach of the AiPBAND Project.

The first day of the workshop was opened with a Welcome Speech by the Scientific Director of IRE, Prof. Gennaro Ciliberto, and an AiPBAND introduction by the Co-Ordinator Dr Xinzhong Li. Over the course of the workshop, a number of subject-specific talks were delivered by the Principal Investigators (PIs) and invited experts in the fields of neuroscience, engineering (including big data science), healthcare and economics.

The talks sparked the interest of the audience and there were active discussions all week amongst the ESRs, PIs and audience members. The discussion and the interactions were aimed to provide the ESRs with a common ground for their future research and synergy.

Besides the experienced speakers, the ESRs gave 10-minute presentations, introducing themselves and their roles and aims within the AiPBAND Project.

In addition to the scientific content, the workshop agenda included a talk from Sarah Kearns, Research Development Manager, Plymouth University on the Vitae RDF. The aim of the Vitae RDF tool is to enhance the ESR’s academic development, transferable skills and employability.

On Tuesday 25th October, the ESRs received a guided tour of the Translation Area Laboratories at IRE, while the Co-Ordinator, the PIs and two representative ESR’s members held the first Supervisory Board Meeting. Afterwards, all AiPBAND members enjoyed a delightful Social Dinner together. The whole workshop gave ESRs and PIs alike an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas for developing brain cancer diagnostic techniques.

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