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August 2019 - Monthly Update

Unraveling the complex biology governing the development and resistance to brain tumor therapies and the discovery of new biomarkers for early diagnosis is one of this projects priorities. The discovery of potential biomarkers for early diagnosis requires the development of ultrasensitive devices capable of detecting a low amount of said biomarkers in biological fluids, all while guaranteeing a high degree of sensitivity and specificity.

Meenu Selvaraj has advanced in her project towards the design of such a device:

With the literature background (refer fig 1), as an initial phase of my work, I designed and fabricated an EGOFET (Electrolyte – Gated Organic Field effect transistor) on a flexible substrate (Kapton metallized with Gold). The interdigitated Source (S) and Drain (D) electrodes has been designed with Width/ Length (W/L) ratio of 3000 using infrared laser printer. This produces a good output current (IDS) of 2 µA for the voltages applied in the linear regime and it is sufficient enough to sense even the small changes in the capacitance value of the electrolyte.

Figure 1. Schematic representation of Electrolyte-Gated Organic field effect transistor

Now, I am currently working on the biosensing of a GBM related Biomarker (MiRNA –xx) and testing various functionalization protocols for the gate electrode (sensing electrode) with anti-MiRNA in order to achieve better sensitivity and selectivity.

Meenu Selvaraj, ESR-4 at Scriba Nanotechnologie S.r.l, Bologna (Italy)

We are also proud of working in the development of novel business models to integrate our future discoveries into new market opportunities and commercial strategies. Aira Rueda has been working hard to establish the first underpinnings for the creation of a sustainable business model. Here is a short update of her work:

With the aim of AiPBAND to develop an integrated cloud based brain cancer diagnostic system, it is important to create an innovative and sustainable business model so that this innovation may improve the lives of more people, in addition to creating revenue and new wealth. My role as the ESR in business model development of this project is to investigate the entrepreneurial attributes and business dynamics such as business planning, market opportunities and risks of the AiPBAND integrated platform in order to underpin effective business strategy development and commercial section.

Aira Patrice Rueda Ong, ESR-13 at the University of Plymouth (UK)
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