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December 2018 - Monthly update

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

The work on the glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) review continues: after cultivating and curating a comprehensive list of the papers found during the literature search, the review itself is beginning to take shape. But if the goal of AiPBAND is to address brain tumors in general, why focus on GBM?

GBM was specifically selected for the review because it is the most common type of primary malignant brain tumor, in addition to being the deadliest. According to the GLOBOCAN Cancer Statistics 2018 report, there are an estimated 297,000 new cases of brain and nervous system tumors worldwide, with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) accounting for approximately 50% of them, leading to approximately 150,000 cases of GBM worldwide in 2018. In terms of resource allocation and sample availability, GBM was the best choice for focusing the goals of the project.

This month, we have updates from ESR-4, Meenu Selvaraj, and ESR-13, Aira Patrice Rueda Ong.


“The aim of my project is to use EGOFETs (Electrolyte Gated Organic Field Effect Transistor) for biosensor applications. They are a good alternative to conventional OFETs based on solid dielectrics, whereas in EGOFET a liquid electrolyte (PBS buffer) is used as a dielectric material, which results in higher capacitance and low biasing voltage properties that are essential for biosensing. Therefore, these two important characteristics make EGOFETs ideal candidates for the next generation of biosensors, particularly suitable for the detection and quantification of biological molecules inside aqueous media. So my initial work is in the direction of sensing and electrical characterization of the GBM related biomolecules using EGOFET devices”.

Meenu Selvaraj, ESR-4 at Scriba Nanotechnologie S.r.l, Bologna (Italy)


"With the aim of AiPBAND to develop an integrated cloud based brain cancer diagnostic system, it is important to create an innovative and sustainable business model so that this innovation may improve lives of more people in addition to creating revenue and new wealth. My role as the ESR in business model development is to investigate the entrepreneurial attributes and business dynamics such as business planning, market opportunities and risks of the AiPBAND integrated platform in order to underpin effective business strategy development and commercial section."

Aira Patrice Rueda Ong, ESR-13 at University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

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